Why can’t men stay in the hospital!!!!!

Our first day in hospital was spent waiting for the doctor to make sure everything was ok so we could go home anyone who’s been in this position will know it takes ages for the doc to come round, nurse after nurse test after test and still no doctor, patience starts to wear thin, every moment was spent looking out the door to check if the doctors coming. When the doctor finally got to us we didn’t get the news we wanted, Taylor had picked up an infection, his crp levels were in the 100s and they needed to be between 1-10 before we could leave, what a horrible feeling a truly frightening time and on top of that it didn’t look like we were going anywhere soon. On the plus side we had a private room off the ward with our own toilet, shower and nurses on tap for advice, not that we needed it we had so many visitors each with there little bit of advice we had so much advice I could of wrote a book, not that I didn’t appreciate it, I did it was just so hard to retain it all. It was a long first day in hospital and quite exhausting, the day ended and we had some peace a quiet for the first time with our little boy only to be told by a nurse that I had to leave at 8pm, WHAT? Why do I have to leave. I really didn’t understand it and was quite angry, I could understand if we was on a ward but we wasn’t we had a private room away from it, My girlfriend was also shocked, she’d never looked after a new born and now I had to go and leave her to just get on with it, after a 42 hour labour I was going home to get a good night sleep while she had to do everything, I felt awful. I asked why I had to go and never really got an answer. This for me is a policy that needs to change especially for first time mothers that are exhausted from labour and scared. As I said before I wanted to be a full on dad and was happy to stay up all night so my girlfriend could get some well earned rest but no I was getting kicked out I found it utterly ridiculous that the dads had to go, for me it was so wrong and made me feel like a visitor not a dad. This went on for one week my girlfriend was supposed to be resting and getting over it all but it seemed to me she was just as tired, what do you expect she had to do all night feeds on her own without my help. I hope this is a policy that they look at and change, one, to help mums and two, to include dads more. On the 18th of December 1 day before my birthday we finally got the news that we could go home Taylor was fine this was the best news ever, it’s a day that sticks in my mind because it was snowing out side, I remember walking to the car as it snowed the air was so fresh compared to that hospital air and smell. A huge deep breath as we walked in the door. At last our journey begins.


About paulpackman

Hello I'm Paul a stay at home dad since my little boy was born, I'm going to be blogging about my experiences as a first time dad that stays home from day 1 until now. This is my story. I hope you enjoy.
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