The due date, labour and arrival.

The due date was creeping up and I felt pretty comfortable that we had everything we needed for when we brought our baby home for the first time, my girlfriend had packed her hospital bag and that sat by the door ready for when labour started, before you knew it the due date was upon us but no signs of labour. The next week or so were tense I mean it could happen any moment, what if we were out, in car or something, this kinda limited us to where we went, which wasn’t far, my days were sat waiting and in the evening I went to bed early, again just incase. Nearly two weeks passed and i was getting frustrated it felt like a lifetime waiting for it to happen. That night I decided to stay up for a bit and watch some TV, my girlfriend went to bed early and Sod’s law about midnight her waters broke, at that moment I got a serge of adrenalin and even though we had a plan it was hard to stick to it, I wasn’t very composed, as I’m sure with everyone, we went to the hospital to early and was sent away for a few hours, contractions had started, when we finally got let into the hospital we made our way to where my girlfriend was going to give birth and don’t ask me why but I thought this would be a few hours tops, how naive of me, some pethidine and 30 hours later there was still no baby and by then my girlfriend was exhausted she’d spent most of it on her feet and was also talking jiberish I think at one point she asked for max branning (eastenders)
I began to worry I could remember reading about the risk of infection after 24 hours if the waters broke. Close to 40 hours my girlfriend asked for an epidural but by then it was to late she was 10 cm dilated so they refused, at about 42 hours my little boy was born my mother inlaw was crying in the corner and I was completely overwhelmed, my girlfriend lost over a pint in blood, I tried my best to keep her calm and relaxed but it was quite a nervy and worrying moment, so happy that that my baby was here but scary watching the nurses rushing around trying to stop this bleeding. Then calm, the bleeding stopped, I cut the cord and rang my parents I can remember welling up telling them. Baby Taylor was here a little jaundice but here. 11 days late !


About paulpackman

Hello I'm Paul a stay at home dad since my little boy was born, I'm going to be blogging about my experiences as a first time dad that stays home from day 1 until now. This is my story. I hope you enjoy.
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